Welcome to my prairie

27 April 2016 – My very first blog post!

Today we celebrate Freedom in South Africa.  Freedom is something we humans need in so many different ways, and for each of us it has one, or many, different meanings.  What does freedom mean to you ?  For me it means being in charge of my choices – to love, to do, to be.  And most of all, to be allowed.  In this century, there is far more permission than there ever has been before and it is a wonderful thing to see who does what with this permission.  There are still those who are overly focused on their rights, hammering away at old walls, who will probably be dissatisfied until kingdom come. It’s not a bandwagon that uplifts anybody. Being quarrelsome does not set anybody free. I find resonance with anybody at any level who really wants to get on with their life, no matter the difficulties,  and enjoy what there is to be enjoyed.  So I have decided to start writing, because there is so much to be shared in what we love and the exchanging of all things lovely will spread happiness and sunshine….completely for free.

Here in the Western Cape, between the winelands and the weatlands, is my prairie.  When it was shown to me in 2001, I did not want to move here.  A barren piece of land that my husband bought with nothing on it.  Absolutely nothing……save this old olive tree.  It is a wild olive, and estimated to be at least 200 years old.  I couldn’t help falling in love with the tree — it is so gnarled and so beautiful — the love of the land came later.   Behind this tree you will see a planting of lots of baby trees;  this is one of the first things we did, to plant more than 100 trees on the farm.  How easily 100 trees get lost in the landscape!

We built a house and moved here in 2010. Now, nine years later, I often have the urge to say, “find me a better life….I challenge you to find me another life, where I have this much freedom!”

Old Olive 001

3 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Congratulations and very welcome to blogland dear Jeanne! I am beyond excited that we will meet here often. I know you will be taking us away into your beautiful world with so much passion for what you do so well, telling , writing and sharing, jay!! wishing you all the best, and thank you for gifting us with your talent.
    my best
    ps…you have just stirred a want for me to take up my “bloggers pen” again. XOXO


  2. This is a beautiful post that speaks to the heart of why we write. I hope you find as much pleasure in writing and connecting with others as I have found. Your writing touches the heart. I love your old tree!! Amazing. Have a wonderful day on the Western Cape…it sounds so beautiful. Thank you for all of your kind responses to my posts. Have a great weekend!


  3. Ah, Lori thank you! Just the other day I was thinking how fabulous it is that through entering this new world of writing a blog, I found yours. You are a light in the world, shining across so many miles 🙂 Have a great weekend too!


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