Fifteen Minutes with Me

How many hours does it take for the earth to go around the sun – 24?  But since the world is apparently going pear-shaped, I’m not sure that this is still the case.  What if you were on the plump bottom end of the pear…then perhaps a rotation takes 32 hours and on the leaner, upper end it takes 16? pear

I think I live on the upper end of the pear. For time surely tempus-fugitflies. As it says on the faces of the numerous grandfather clocks that my brother has built:  Tempus Fugit.



This morning something interesting caught my eye – “The Fifteen Minute Mentality” and it gave me food for thinking.  You see, time has always been a cause of issue in my life.  Usually I’m accused of ignoring its existence.


My rough guide would be to get up and get going when it is light enough to see without a light bulb and only come indoors when the sun has set and it is dark.  But alas, I’m not a farmer ….  My working day, or being busy day, is usually from when I open my eyes in the morning until I shut them at night.  And my hunger for what I really want to do must fit in with what I really have to do.  There is no way you will have a quality life if you never get to do what you really want to do – that is my opinion.  And in my case, since I’m on the part of the pear which spins really fast and I have only 16 hours in a day, I ought to be one extraordinary, mega-super operator! But I don’t win that badge. It makes no difference to me how many hours there are in a day, the number is always wrong.  There isn’t a sadder person shutting their eyes at night if I have not ticked something on my list of things I wanted to do – and so this has been, ever since I discovered I was a person.

stop-watchTo be really successful at extracting 24 hours’ of time out of your 24, not even to mention 32 out of 24, one would have to be, not only super organised, but selfish too.  You would not have time to take that phone call from a friend who needs a (lengthy) listening ear, time to wait in a queue while somebody in front tries to find change in their purse, time to say “hello-how-are-you” to anything or anybody. (“How are you” becomes a speed-greeting and not a question).  But do we want to live like that?  A lot of us are being chased by everything yet feeling on top of nothing. If I were to guess, I would imagine the councilling couches are filled with people desperate for advice on how to enjoy their lives more, with people crying for a shoulder that will understand how wretched their lack of time makes them feel.  And I detect a small irony here:  it takes time to go and see somebody professional for help. It takes less time to actually stop.  To look.  To listen.  Required is only a small mind shift which, paradoxically, is not a move towards becoming more selfish.  It is true, when you feel you have too little, you are afraid of giving.  A small manoeuvre will make you realise you have enough, and set you free to give and to share and to enjoy!


How can we do this? How about doing something new, something called “Fifteen Minutes with Me”.  Every day, make a date with yourself.  Diarise it in your cell phone if you must. We so often don’t get to do something for ourselves only because we have a mental picture that is will take too much time.  Time that we do not have.  But you do have fifteen minutes.  The bit I read this morning was by a well-known needlewoman in USA who advocates that if you do just 15 minutes of embroidery a day, you will get a project done before you know it.  What good advice.  It boils down to that old question: How do you eat an elephant? Yes exactly: in tiny bites.


So go on, turn your day into bites, not bytes.  Spend 15 minutes with yourself, for yourself.  You are the most important person in the world you will ever have a date with.  Aren’t you lucky!


2 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes with Me

  1. How true. I must b living in the bottom fat part of the pear. Here in the stormberg, time happens at just the right speed although we still feel it flies . I suppose that happens when I enjoy the luxury of procrastinating.
    We still have time for our friends and even ourselves and will easily put everything aside and travel 100 km for a cup of tea

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