The Story of a Little House

In April 2017 I asked you, “Would you do it?” and was quite surprised by your warm response.  Heartened, I got stuck in with scrubbing brush, many, MANY buckets of water, scraper, paint brush and, gosh, at least 50 litres of paint! It has been a 15 month journey, single handed for most of the way. Here, now, is the picture-story of our ugly duckling evolving into a swan. My swan. She’s sweet, modest and serene.

7 a
First Photo:  25 April 2017……
7 b
…..then:  19 August 2018
8 a
Earlier, in May 2012:  Chickens, a dog called Tosca and a baby in a crate…
8 b
Looking across farmland from the stoep
8 c
19 August 2018
8 d
The stoep today

After the worker family vacated in November 2013, the interior was fit for sheltering farm animals, such as these orphaned lambs.

4 a
28 December 2013
4 b
18 September 2017… progress. Nandi enjoys the cool slate floor
4 c
19 August 2018


11 a
25 April 2017 – the Entrance door
11 b
Entrance door: 19 August 2018
5 a
25 April 2017: Interior after storing hay and sheltering lambs
5 b
The same wall now has kitchen shelves

The stairs to the loft were very steep, but the dogs & I were nimble going up and down.

6 a 6 b

6 c
New staircase being installed
6 d
The stairs as they are now. They lead to the bedrooms in the loft
2017-04-25 The Flat as it looked when I began to consider tackling it (3)
Room 1 in the Loft. Mess! April 2017
3 b
Room 1 as it is now
1 a
Room 2 – Starling mess. For real!

2 a

2 b
Ceiling installation in progress
1 b
Room 2:  Beds to keep you snug as a bug with pure cotton and goose down bedding
2 c
Room 2:  Chimney goes through this room
The shower in the bathroom, April 2017, and then again in August 2018:

9 a   9 b

10 a
The husk of the kitchen sink unit…18 September 2017
10 b
The kitchen today, fully equipped, with shelving behind linen curtains


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