Prairie Days

It is June, the Winter Solstice was just a few days ago. The world around here is green, green, green. How different it looks from the bleak, sun-baked landscape of summer! In these days of a Boland winter, when the northwester howls and the rain drives hard against the windows, I can't help feeling a [...]

Yellow is the new Green

Today is Sunday, 22 January 2017.  Weather forecast:  “Blazing sunshine and very hot”, predicted temperature 39ºC, real-feel 40ºC.  The week ahead promises “hot with plenty of sun” and temperatures in the high thirties.  But wait a minute; this is what I want to see:  “Cooler with spotty showers, 26ºC” – on Tuesday.  Yay! In our [...]


Welcome to my prairie 27 April 2016 - My very first blog post! Today we celebrate Freedom in South Africa.  Freedom is something we humans need in so many different ways, and for each of us it has one, or many, different meanings.  What does freedom mean to you ?  For me it means being [...]