A little pair of red shoes

“Oh, what pretty dancing shoes!” said the old man. “They will stay on securely when you dance.” “Dance on,” said the angel in long white robes, “dance on you must, in your red shoes, till you are pale and cold, weary and wasted.” from Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Red Shoes” * The little pair of [...]

A Woolly Tale

Mary might have had a little lamb, but perhaps its fleece was not quite as white as snow.  The fuzz of a lamb’s coat can sometimes be a bit like Velcro, that fabulous invention to which anything fluffy will stick.  The more bits of grass, hair and goodness-knows-what else gets embedded into the Velcro, the [...]

Wealth beyond Words

Have you ever dreamed, as a child, of waking up in the morning, throwing back your bed covers and leaping with a bound out of bed, hastily pulling on some clothes and dashing out the door with hardly a backward glance at your mother’s “Where are you going?”… and running across a field just as [...]