When blood spills from your body you see it as a viscous red fluid. There is much ado about blood. We refer to it often. For instance, we say our blood is up when we are angry and ready for a fight;blood is thicker than water when family ties are more important than the connection [...]

Crowns and Things

Most of the world has been told to stay at home and for many, life teeters between locked down and knocked down. I can only hope and trust that you and all your dearest people will survive the many months ahead. Being home is not at all unusual for me. But I have been preoccupied [...]

Embroidery for a most beautiful Wedding

The best news for someone sentimental like me, in a list of good things, is that two people are getting married. Of all the happy events, a wedding must be somewhere at the very top! My immediate family totals 31, including nieces and nephews. Our offspring form a large group of cousins – 17 – [...]

Dropping Pins

There is something about the sleek, steel shaft of a pin that is perfection.  Smoothly it glides into fabric with the gentlest of pressure – the sharper and keener the point, the less pressure it takes.  It is true that money can’t buy everything, certainly not happiness, but it can buy good pins! “You could [...]

All stitched up

There was no way I felt obliging when I was told how to thread a needle, how to hold the cloth and how to neatly pierce it whilst steadily feeding needle and thread through to form a tidy stitch.  It was only with begrudging attention that I listened, all the while waiting my chance to [...]