My Hidden Garden

I have dithered and delayed and thought of other things, but still I keep coming back to an idea that compels me to write this blog. There isn't really much to say, but my pictures might tell the story. About my garden - the secret one. Being Miss Jack of All Trades, as my father [...]

Crowns and Things

Most of the world has been told to stay at home and for many, life teeters between locked down and knocked down. I can only hope and trust that you and all your dearest people will survive the many months ahead. Being home is not at all unusual for me. But I have been preoccupied [...]

Symptoms of an empty nest

“You will just have to stay indoors this morning and keep yourselves amused,” I told my eight hens, “even if it means you can’t go out at all today. There is a storm out there and the wind is much too strong, it will blow you away.” I shut their door and battled back across [...]

A little pair of red shoes

“Oh, what pretty dancing shoes!” said the old man. “They will stay on securely when you dance.” “Dance on,” said the angel in long white robes, “dance on you must, in your red shoes, till you are pale and cold, weary and wasted.” from Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Red Shoes” * The little pair of [...]

A Thousand Days my Dog

I know he would say, “I have no regrets. I didn’t waste my time – I did everything I wanted to do. I lived my life, every day. I did as I pleased and I hurt no-one. My life was a dog’s life, I didn’t expect it to be anything else.”

The Story of a Little House

In April 2017 I asked you, "Would you do it?" and was quite surprised by your warm response.  Heartened, I got stuck in with scrubbing brush, many, MANY buckets of water, scraper, paint brush and, gosh, at least 50 litres of paint! It has been a 15 month journey, single handed for most of the [...]

My cat cannot make coffee

Kitzwallace is a tortoiseshell cat.  Not the sort of tortoiseshell that looks like ‘brindle’, but the orange, black and white, patchy sort.  My one son thinks she is the prettiest cat in the world.  That is because she has a dainty, sweet little face and tidily places her tail over her front paws when she [...]