The Story of a Little House

In April 2017 I asked you, "Would you do it?" and was quite surprised by your warm response.  Heartened, I got stuck in with scrubbing brush, many, MANY buckets of water, scraper, paint brush and, gosh, at least 50 litres of paint! It has been a 15 month journey, single handed for most of the [...]

Here is Your Country

Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. -Theodore Roosevelt Belonging to a country is like having a surname - it doesn’t define you personally but it gives you an identity, more than your first [...]

The Road Home

Distantly you recognise an outline….a tree, a rooftop, the crest of a hill….and in your stomach something moves upwards towards your heart. In the pleasant surge, there is a pinprick of anxiety; because what you have recognised is a glimpse into somewhere you know you are absolutely safe.....but you are not there yet.  Like an [...]

We don’t dream of Pavement Living

This morning there were two big woolly mounds up against the fence of the town park and I saw them move.  It was a strange sight. I had slowed down my car, approaching the Stop street, and that is when the sort of heaving movement caught my eye.  I looked more carefully and saw what [...]

Moving Can Make You Happy

The rosemary bush was unhappy.  And then the pests came – the woolly aphids and mealie bugs - and after that the yellowing leaves and the soot.  I am sure they came because the bush was sad, not the other way around.  At first I paid it extra attention….fed it, made sure it got the [...]