Welcome to my prairie 27 April 2016 - My very first blog post! Today we celebrate Freedom in South Africa.  Freedom is something we humans need in so many different ways, and for each of us it has one, or many, different meanings.  What does freedom mean to you ?  For me it means being [...]

Escape to the country

Leave the Wellington traffic behind and take the scenic country route known as the Bo-Hermon road; feel your shoulders relax and tension ease away. The quiet road will afford you the opportunity to notice the scenery on either side: vineyards, Charolais cows (sometimes with sparkling white newborn calves) Aberdeen Angus cattle, cultivated fields, farm dams, [...]

A little pair of red shoes

“Oh, what pretty dancing shoes!” said the old man. “They will stay on securely when you dance.” “Dance on,” said the angel in long white robes, “dance on you must, in your red shoes, till you are pale and cold, weary and wasted.” from Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Red Shoes” * The little pair of [...]

Our humble, thankful hearts

I could see it. We were loosely gathered on the outer edge of the copse of trees, standing on soft earth covered in early winter grass. A skinny little wind was lifting our hair, teasing at our collars. Our cheeks were cold. Sombre. We spoke randomly, each sharing a memory as it came. Sometimes voices [...]

Embroidery for a most beautiful Wedding

The best news for someone sentimental like me, in a list of good things, is that two people are getting married. Of all the happy events, a wedding must be somewhere at the very top! My immediate family totals 31, including nieces and nephews. Our offspring form a large group of cousins – 17 – [...]

Prairie Days

It is June, the Winter Solstice was just a few days ago. The world around here is green, green, green. How different it looks from the bleak, sun-baked landscape of summer! In these days of a Boland winter, when the northwester howls and the rain drives hard against the windows, I can't help feeling a [...]

A Thousand Days my Dog

I know he would say, “I have no regrets. I didn’t waste my time – I did everything I wanted to do. I lived my life, every day. I did as I pleased and I hurt no-one. My life was a dog’s life, I didn’t expect it to be anything else.”

The Story of a Little House

In April 2017 I asked you, "Would you do it?" and was quite surprised by your warm response.  Heartened, I got stuck in with scrubbing brush, many, MANY buckets of water, scraper, paint brush and, gosh, at least 50 litres of paint! It has been a 15 month journey, single handed for most of the [...]