Here is Your Country

Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. -Theodore Roosevelt Belonging to a country is like having a surname - it doesn’t define you personally but it gives you an identity, more than your first [...]

The Road Home

Distantly you recognise an outline….a tree, a rooftop, the crest of a hill….and in your stomach something moves upwards towards your heart. In the pleasant surge, there is a pinprick of anxiety; because what you have recognised is a glimpse into somewhere you know you are absolutely safe.....but you are not there yet.  Like an [...]

We don’t dream of Pavement Living

This morning there were two big woolly mounds up against the fence of the town park and I saw them move.  It was a strange sight. I had slowed down my car, approaching the Stop street, and that is when the sort of heaving movement caught my eye.  I looked more carefully and saw what [...]

Moving Can Make You Happy

The rosemary bush was unhappy.  And then the pests came – the woolly aphids and mealie bugs - and after that the yellowing leaves and the soot.  I am sure they came because the bush was sad, not the other way around.  At first I paid it extra attention….fed it, made sure it got the [...]

S.O.S. to the World

This morning quite early, before the sun climbed to its sitting position on my mountains, the droning began.  At first it was far away, then almost insidiously it crept into my awareness as it came closer.  By the time the sun was touching the roof of my house, the belly of the small aircraft was [...]

A Woolly Tale

Mary might have had a little lamb, but perhaps its fleece was not quite as white as snow.  The fuzz of a lamb’s coat can sometimes be a bit like Velcro, that fabulous invention to which anything fluffy will stick.  The more bits of grass, hair and goodness-knows-what else gets embedded into the Velcro, the [...]

Wealth beyond Words

Have you ever dreamed, as a child, of waking up in the morning, throwing back your bed covers and leaping with a bound out of bed, hastily pulling on some clothes and dashing out the door with hardly a backward glance at your mother’s “Where are you going?”… and running across a field just as [...]

Dropping Pins

There is something about the sleek, steel shaft of a pin that is perfection.  Smoothly it glides into fabric with the gentlest of pressure – the sharper and keener the point, the less pressure it takes.  It is true that money can’t buy everything, certainly not happiness, but it can buy good pins! “You could [...]

Every boy needs a horse

This is not Colorado, with bands of wild mustangs roaming the plains…….our 21 hectares in the midst of wide open country, grass lands and wheat lands, is a prairie to two tiny horses, Safira and Captain Snow.  They are our prairie horses. If you are bound by superstition, you would forever be troubled by knowing [...]

All stitched up

There was no way I felt obliging when I was told how to thread a needle, how to hold the cloth and how to neatly pierce it whilst steadily feeding needle and thread through to form a tidy stitch.  It was only with begrudging attention that I listened, all the while waiting my chance to [...]